Interdisciplinary Studies Major

Admission to the IDSC major is determined by application. For admission, a student must first complete Foundations of Interdisciplinary University Studies (IDSC 2190) with a grade of C or better and complete a program application that includes an application essay and an approved individualized plan of study. In the Foundations course, students learn about interdisciplinary studies in general and also craft an individualized degree plan. Students must have completed at least 30 hours of coursework prior to being admitted. Students with more than 90 hours of coursework must receive special permission to be admitted to the major.

Beginning in fall 2015, incoming freshmen admitted into the Honors College will be allowed to declare IDSC as their major. Students who do this must take IDSC 2190 during their first or second semester enrolled in classes at Auburn and have a completed and approved plan of study before the start of their third semester at Auburn. They will be required to take ENGL 1120 or 1127 as a co-requisite for IDSC 2190 if they do not have advanced placement credit for the first composition course. Honors College students who fail to pass IDSC 2190 with a grade of C or better or who fail to submit a plan of study and essay during their first or second semester enrolled at Auburn will be required to declare a new major at the start of their third semester enrolled at Auburn. The individual plan of study developed by an Honors College student will be reviewed by the Director of IDSC to determine if the plan meets the requirements of the major.

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