Eligibility for the IDSC Major

Prospective IDSC majors must meet the following criteria to be considered for admittance into the IDSC program:

  • Must complete IDSC 2190, Foundations of Interdisciplinary University Studies, with a grade of “C” or better; Must take ENGL 1120 or ENGL 1127 as a pre- or co-requisite for IDSC 2190;
  • Must develop an application essay explaining why the selected areas of study are of interest and how these areas match the student’s personal career goals. The essay will be developed during IDSC 2190;
  • Must develop a plan of study with emphasis areas consisting of classes approved by the faculty advisor for each area of emphasis;
  • Must have completed no less than 30 credit hours and no more than 90 hours; Students with >90 hours may appeal to the IDSC Faculty Oversight Committee for admission to the program.


Once admitted to IDSC, students must:

  • Complete required advising sessions with their IDSC advisor prior to registration every semester and review their semester-by-semester plan for completion of their program;
  • Complete the additional requirements for Written and Oral Communication with a grade of “C” or better;
  • Earn a grade of “C” or better in IDSC 4930 (thesis option) or a grade of “S” in IDSC 4980 (internship or service learning option); all capstone syllabuses must be pre-approved by the IDSC Faculty Oversight Committee;
  • Submit a request for a graduation check one semester before the anticipated date of graduation.
  • Meet appropriate deadlines for submissions of applications and capstone proposals.