Career Counseling

Career Exploration

Are you in the beginnings of career exploration? This presentation helps you with the first steps of exploration to find the best major or career fit!
If you have questions, please call (334) 844-7277 or schedule an appointment online.


Resources for Exploration

Once you have assessed yourself (the first step in career exploration), you will need some resources to further research your options. This presentation goes over four great resources for exploration.

If you have questions, please call (334) 844-7277 or schedule an appointment online.


Career Counseling FAQs

First, you want to assess yourself. What are your interests? What are you good at? What are your personal and occupational values? What is your “dream” job? Would it help if I took an assessment to determine these answers?

Next, you want to gather information and explore your options. Find out what majors fit with your goals and research career opportunities in those fields. You may want to interview employees in the field or talk with faculty members in the department. There are many resources available on Auburn University’s Career Center Website.

After you evaluate your information, you want to make an informed decision. If you need help with this, talk to an advisor or career counselor. Formulate a plan and go for it!

Meeting with a Career Counselor can help you organize and plan out your future. Career Counselors can also help you go through the steps necessary to choose a major/career that is right for you. They can help formulate goals, research career options and provide encouragement. Career Counselors are knowledgeable on current job trends and employment outlook.
In an initial appointment, the Career Counselor will ask you questions about your interests, goals and current academic situation. Be prepared to talk about things that you are good at or careers you may want to explore. The Career Counselor may recommend that you take a career assessment to determine the answers to these questions.

In a follow-up appointment, the Career Counselor will go over assessment results and/or work towards formulating a career/major plan that fits with your personality, abilities and interests. Some students meet with a counselor two times, others meet with a counselor more than five. It is different for each student.

The Career Counselor within the Exploratory Advising Center interacts with the academic advisors regularly and can help with class suggestions and major paths, however, your advisor is the professional you will need to meet with in order to pick out specific classes and determine degree requirements. The Career Counselor is happy to help you schedule an appointment with your advisor.
Please visit Auburn University’s Career Center Website to see assessments available.
Many majors at Auburn have specific GPA requirements. If you are unable to reach the needed GPA, you may need to determine another plan of action. The Career Counselor can help you with this. Every student’s situation is different and there are many options to explore.
To obtain an appointment with the Career Counselor call (334) 844-7277 or schedule online. Appointments are typically scheduled in 45 minute blocks.
We are happy to help you! Contact our office at (334) 844-7277 and we will help determine what your steps are to answer your specific question.


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