Academic Advising

Advising is a continuing conversation between advisor and student. It centers on the discussion of academic matters, career plans, clarification of goals, information on internships, additional educational opportunities, and other related topics. In this conversation, the advisor serves as a guide and mentor, drawing upon other campus resources for assistance with this responsibility. One important aspect of this conversation is the planning of an academic program and the keeping of accurate records of the student’s progress towards completion of that program.

Academic Advising FAQs

You are with us until you are eligible to return to your home college or when you are eligible to declare a new major.
We offer walk-ins and scheduled appointments Monday – Friday 7:45am – 11:45am and 12:45pm to 4:45pm.To schedule an appointment or learn our walk-ins times call our office at 334-844-7277.

Your initial advising appointment must be a scheduled appointment and can only be scheduled after you have completed the other parts of the process.

Once you are referred to us, the academic advisors for the transitional student in the Exploratory Advising Center can assist you with anything academically that your home college advisor has done in the past.
Yes. While some colleges do not assign pins, in order to offer the best guidance regarding your academics, we need to meet with you to discuss your semester plan of study. When you meet with us for registration, your pin will be reset to 6 ones (111 111) at that time.

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