Summer Transition

Summer Transition Program

The Summer Transition Program is a conditional admission option which provides a bridge program to full enrollment at Auburn University. You will begin classes for the Summer Session II on June 27 and conclude with finals on August 5.  The summer session will focus on academic and life skills as well as an academic core class. In the fall, students will take a full course load of 12 to 15 hours which will include core classes and may include electives or introductory courses in their degree.  Students who successfully complete at least 15 hours in their summer and fall classes with a cumulative Auburn GPA of 2.0 will be unconditionally enrolled in the spring semester.


Summer Transition Program FAQs


When will classes be held this summer?

Classes will be in Summer II session.  This is the second 5 week summer term.  You must be able to attend all five weeks of this session in order to be part of the program.  The dates are June 27-August 5, 2016.


What courses will I take this summer?

Students will take two courses this summer.

ENGL 1100    English Composition I (3 hours)

UNIV 1150     Special Topics with Learning Strategies (1 hour)


What courses will I take this fall?

ENGL 1120    English Composition II (3 hours)

COMM 1000  Public Speaking (3 hours)

HIST 1010      World History I (3 hours)

UNIV 1100     First Year Seminar (1 hour)

Additional courses dependent on major (2-5 hours)


Will I be eligible for on-campus housing?

You will be able to apply for on-campus housing once you are accepted into the program and have placed a $200.00 confirmation deposit to Admissions.  Included in the “What’s Next” brochure are instructions on making the confirmation deposit.  This is due no later than May 1, however access to the FALL housing application is based upon receipt of the deposit.  You may choose to make the confirmation deposit of $200.00 (which is non-refundable) before May 1 in order to apply for FALL housing.  Housing is based on a first come-first served basis and is subject to full capacity resulting in students being waitlisted.  Summer housing is handled a bit differently.  The Office of University Housing is working on an on-line application for SUMMER housing which should be ready by April 1.  There is plenty of available housing for SUMMER.   You will be sent the link as soon as it is available.


Will I attend Camp War Eagle?

Summer Transition students will attend Camp War Eagle.  Specifics on sessions they will attend will be announced shortly.  Attendance is required.  This is the time you will register for your fall courses.


Do I need to complete the medical form?

Yes; all students taking courses on campus are required to have a completed medical form on file.


What must I do to be fully accepted as an Auburn student at the end of fall term?     

Students must earn a minimum of 15 hours with a 2.0 gpa in order to be admitted for spring term.  Students not achieving the minimum requirements will not be admitted.


Can I be in a Learning Community in the fall?

Students enrolled in the Summer Transition Program are a learning community for summer and fall.  This learning community is designed to facilitate transition to campus and to learn about academic and campus resources that assist the student in being academically successful.


Will I be eligible to purchase football tickets?

Students in the Summer Transition Program are eligible to purchase football tickets.  Priority for ordering tickets is based on number of earned hours at Auburn.


Will I be eligible for sorority or fraternity recruitment?

Students in the Summer Transition Program are not eligible for Greek Life Recruitment until they are a fully admitted Auburn student.

Who do I contact for additional information?

Contact Judith Sanders with questions.

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